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Christmas – A Christian’s Perspective
December 24th, 2018 7:01 pm

It’s December, the impeccably adorable decorations at every corner of the city, the buzz of Christmas shopping, the palpable excitement of the children in anticipation, the carols on the street corners, all make Christmas the most awaited holiday of the year.

It is that time of year that is indeed celebrated by all, not just Christians. To most in this part of the world, it is a time of family, cooking, exchanging gifts, decorating trees, eating, drinking and waiting for that oh so important person in this world, Santa Claus.

With all these activities happening one can’t help but wonder, are we losing the true meaning of Christmas? The celebration of not just about the birth of Jesus Christ but the whole significance of His birth, the One who would bring about our reconciliation with the Father through the forgiveness of sin by way of being the ultimate sacrifice. The One who was born to make us free from the law of sin and death. The One in whose name lies power.

Jesus was sent to the earth to help people understand the significance of love and giving, and the compassion that it emanates. Helping a soul to feel satisfied can be the greatest investment one can ever make in one’s lifetime.

So as we celebrate with our friends and families, as we sing, eat and drink, let us also be intentional about blessing someone in need and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Let us also be thankful to God for teaching us that there is no greater commandment than showing love to our neighbors. For therein lies the greatest message of all.

Have a merry Christmas!

 Temitope Ayodele.

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