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God’s Unusual Approaches
July 19th, 2019 3:53 am

When I read the Bible, I am sometimes left without words. The sheer audacity of some of the things I read in there…things a modern intellectual/educated/logical mind will struggle with.

Here are a few

  1. The thought that God exists. Now that alone, for starters, is where many falter.
  2. The thought that God sometimes creates and gives, by taking away from one, and giving it to another. Physical things like houses, lands, and money. Conceptual things like thrones, and responsibilities. That God would promise land to someone that belongs to someone else, and have it “taken”, not purchased or gifted, from one and given to another drives the modern man nuts. It confuses him that God in this sense isn’t egalitarian. I spent quite some time thinking about this one.
  3. That in order to solve a huge problem with mankind, and reconcile us to Himself, He started at a point with a child. Then worked it all out over 33 years, and then beyond. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry. Then that child had humble beginnings. [Aside: I doubt the portrayals of Jesus in all the television series I’ve ever watched, are correct. Given his makeup, his responsibilities and his awareness of purpose, Jesus could not have been that simple, weak, self deprecating and almost passionless personality I often see. I think He was driven, compassionate, direct, funny, commanding [in leadership], intelligent, strong, wise and piercing of thought and speech. In His sphere, you would either like Him or loath Him. You couldn’t be with Him and not feel anything. Especially when you interact with Him. He is still like that.]
  4. That at the end of the day, God doesn’t struggle with anyone or anything. His plan and purposes are what will prevail, and He reigns supreme. That the whole world belongs to Him, and not all those we see who scream and spin, with alternative ideologies, all day long. [Aside: Have you noticed your peace reduce lately? Disconnect yourself from the screaming & spinning for a bit. The news, social media, etc. Focus on His word, or what expresses it for some time, and you’ll be back in sync.]


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