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Life Expectancy vs Child Mortality Rates
July 19th, 2019 2:26 am

Part of the low average life expectancy we see in Nigeria is due to high child mortality rates. Child mortality rates affect how life expectancy is calculated.

I wondered about this for sometime, until today, when I was watching the David Rubenstein show on Bloomberg. He interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci, a US Medal of Freedom recipient, who leads the US government’s premier institute researching infectious diseases. He mentioned child mortality issues re: life expectancy calculations. I thought, oh wow, right.

Go here for some info on Nigeria’s child mortality issues:


Other notable points from the Bloomberg show:

  1. The US still sees between 38-40,000 new HIV infections every year.
  2. The African American population is about 12% of the total US population, but sees 45-50% of those new HIV infections. [Seriously? What’s up with that?]. This statistic is anecdotally similar to what a UK based test doctor indicated to me regarding British Blacks. They were also seeing the bulk of new infections in that community.
  3. The US Africa HIV health program has saved 14-15m sub Saharan African lives. Thanks Americans, for your generosity.


  1. Dr. Fauci: “I really like what I do.” [I like that!].
  2. There are still major challenges in medicine: we need HIV & Ebola vaccines, etc.
  3. A leader should carefully articulate the vision. Hire the best people & stay out of their way.


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