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Taking Risks to Grow Spiritually
August 14th, 2019 11:14 am

So I saw this guy preaching yesterday at Kerry Shook’s Church, Woodlands Church.

He said when he was a kid, his dad was somewhat influential, & played golf at the country club. One day, one of his golf buddies approached him for some money. In exchange, he offered some ownership in a burger joint he was planning to start. He requested for $950. His dad came home & told them about it & laughed, saying he’ll never give the guy a dime. That amount was nothing to his dad by the way.

It turned out that the man asking for the money was Ray Kroc & the burger joint was what became McDonalds.

All those other golf buddies who took up the offer became multi millionaires.

His lesson: like in the real world, with God, one has to take risks to grow spiritually.


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