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God’s Love is Unconditional
December 20th, 2019 10:38 pm

God's Love is Unconditional: a red rose

What could make God take such bet on a humanity without assurance of being accepted? Why did He send His only begotten to die when you didn’t even care?

How come He didn’t hold anything back despite the possibility of rejection? The answer to all these questions is LOVE!

Yet the problem lies in not believing the Word of God. He said, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” The proof of God’s love for you is our Lord Jesus Christ.

And the proof that you love Him is trusting in the Word of God. You will have troubles. Challenges will come. But in all these, Romans 8 says we are more than conquerors. There is an amazing analogy of what this verse means. I pray that you catch it.

“If the verse said you are a conqueror it means you have a part to play in the fight. But being more than a conqueror means you are a spectator in the fight.” All you must do is to trust the Lord and watch Him do all He said He will do. It all comes back to trusting on the Word of God.

God loves you. His love for you is not dependent on your performance. He loved you even before you considered being born again. So, don’t be overwhelmed with what life throws at you. If you should fall, stand again and keep your eyes on the love of the Father.

Only the unconditional love of God is certain in this world.

Pastor Mayowa Agboade, Harvesters Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


About Harvesters International Christian Center

Harvesters is not just a space, it is an experience. It is a series of impactful and transformational encounters that bring change to the lives of people. It is felt, seen, tasted, heard, and perceived like fragrance. It encapsulates on the outside and penetrates beyond our human fibers into the depths of the heart. Under the intense focus of the Spirit and the Word, change happens. “As we behold in a glass with open face, we are being changed…”

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