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Into His Marvellous Light
February 11th, 2020 3:46 pm

Its funny how when we strip away the bogus layers we put on life things become so simple?

I’ve seen “blacks” fall in love with “whites”, & vice versa. Yet we have racial bigots roaming the planet.

I’ve seen men honour women, & vice versa, yet we have gender bigots roaming the planet.

I’ve seen nations built by natives & naturalized immigrants, coworking as equals in law & indeed. Mightier than those with “amorphous equality programmes”.

I’ve seen the Spirit [of God] manifest Himself through all [human] flesh, jeans wearing, gown wearing, etc. He discerns the heart & is galvanized by faith.

I’ve seen “little men” with large egos, “large men” with little egos, & all sorts of permutations in-between.

And so I have elected to stay humble, & to do his will, & that to the best of my ability.

If God gave you $100m right this moment, would you steward it properly? Are you properly stewarding the AED 100 in your possession right now?

It is a rare man who can keep from eating his seed which is given to him now, but meant for a distant future, in today’s world.

And so it is that we see so few of us being given the opportunity & authority to act as financial fiduciaries [the finance guys will understand this one].

Excellent men are dependable. They are teachable. They love diligent work & their souls love Him.

Who has called them out of darkness & into His marvellous light.


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