Signal Group Policy

The following are rules that govern the ARK Connect Group on Signal.

  1. Members should only post or initiate topics that promote inclusiveness, edification and the expression of Christ’s values, which we all hold dear. This means topics capable of highly divisive thoughts & responses, those that have already been demonstrably so elsewhere [like on other social media platforms], must be avoided. We must avoid posts/content that’s: ethnically/racially/gender divisive, religiously divisive [including inter/intra denominational], capable of inciting violence and pornographic [actual and symbolic].
  2. We should respect one another, and not attack personalities.
  3. We must not make negative generalizations. These may include such statements as “men of God are bad” [& its various derivatives],”Christians are stupid”, “women are dum-dums”, etc. You get the picture.
  4. We should endeavor to respond to direct questions for clarification, when requested, while a topic is being discussed, especially when such a request it made as a follow up/on to a statement a poster may have made. Not responding is rude. This means you have to take some time to read the response of others, if you’re chatting and/or if you’re taking a strong position.
  5. All posts made that are shared: links/video/music/etc. should contain some context provided by the poster himself. This means that immediately after you share it, you yourself must provide some context as to what it means and why you’ve shared this. This raises the “Discussion I.Q” and provides a guide to others as to what your thoughts and motivations may be. It will also most likely help you to get the best response [you may be seeking]. We wish to avoid “content dumping”.
  6. Mail chains, posts asking to forward spurious content to others, “copied as seen” posts, etc., that are not directly relevant to our group/purpose, must not be posted. As much as possible, please post original and well thought out content only.
  7. Crude jokes, crude cartoons, and all other crude content must not be posted. Crude means base and/or of low quality.
  8. You may post a little self promotional material, such a program you are involved in, some material you are marketing, etc. But you must respond to any follow on questions about such posts. You cannot excessively post self promoting materials. If you wish to do so, you must inform the group admin/leadership ahead of time.
  9. Members are expected to show more/better compassion to others in the group. This means in addition to congratulating others on such milestones as wedding anniversaries, child births, etc., we must commiserate with members who may have fallen ill, suffered a loss, etc. To not do so is to be perceived as inhuman.
  10. We must understand that people are sensitive, to words, conduct, etc. This means we must use the right words at all times. Our communication must be clean. Words such as “ass”, “fuck”, “idiot”, “stupid”, etc. must not be used. You get the idea.
  11. Not all members have the full names and numbers of others, so on some people’s phones, the names of group members don’t show up. It’s just telephone numbers. This presents an identification problem. Please include your full and real names in your Signal Profile setting on your phone. This is important.
  12. From time to time, these rules will be updated/re-posted for all to read, respond to and understand.
  13. Violators of these rules will receive a message and a warning from the group admin/leadership and will face the possibility of being removed.

By joining our group, you agree to fully abide by these rules.

Thank You.

ARK Connect Group Admin.

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